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Father with debts set fire to himself in front of son, inquest told

A former maths prodigy and promising medical student burned himself to death in front of his teenage son after running up gambling debts of £250,000, an inquest heard.

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Bylent ‘Bill’ Troshupa, 53, became erratic and angry after losing thousands betting 12 hours a day through the pandemic with firms including and 888.

His marriage broke down and FIFA World Cup a restraining order prevented him from visiting wife Julie Martin, 51, and FIFA World Cup their 16-year-old son.

But the father-of-two arrived with a knife, FIFA World Cup jerry can of fuel and envelope full of cash while his son was at home alone last November.

He started banging on the door demanding to be let in before posting the money through the letterbox, stepping back and setting himself on fire.FIFA World Cup 2022 QualifierAustralia v Japan

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