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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: $1,800 Foldable Phone Returns With New Design, Software Tweaks

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What’s happening

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Z Fold 4, its newest large-format foldable phone.

Why it matters

Samsung sees foldable phones as being key to the future of its mobile device lineup. As one of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers, Samsung influences the broader market.

What’s next

Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold 4 on Aug. 26 for $1,800.

 continues to improve its  design with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, which goes on sale Aug. 26 and starts at $1,800 (£1,649, AU$2,499). The new book-style foldable phone, announced at Wednesday’s , has a modified design that should be easier to manage in phone mode. It’s also getting new software that takes advantage of its foldable screen and routine upgrades to the processor and camera.

Samsung was an early entrant to the market, launching its device in 2019. It leads the foldable phone market by a wide margin in terms of shipments, according to estimates from and . But foldable phones still account for a sliver of . The new Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are Samsung’s latest attempt to change that by remedying some of the biggest criticisms of previous models, potentially making foldables more appealing to a bigger audience. 

The Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example, has a wider cover screen that more closely resembles a regular, nonfolding phone when closed. The change makes apps look more natural since the Z Fold 4’s screen isn’t as narrow. The difference is certainly noticeable compared to the but the display still isn’t quite as wide as a standard phone such as the or .

Samsung is also doing more to make the Galaxy Z Fold 4 useful when its display is folded halfway. Flex mode, which splits an app between the top and bottom portions of the screen when the Z Fold is propped open, is getting a new feature. You’ll be able to use the bottom half of the screen as a trackpad to control content on the top half, similar to the touchpad on a laptop. 

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