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Important Ranking Points in SEO Website Promotion

What exactly affects the effective promotion of the site to a profitable position? There are a lot of factors.

Website structure and navigation

Search bots have learned to determine the actions of people on the resource and understand whether the site suits it or not. These are the so-called behavioral factors, which currently have an extremely strong impact on the ranking of the site.

Working out the navigation and structure, promotion specialists are guided by the following rules:

  • to what extent convenient and clear site navigation;< /li>

  • is it easy for bots to evaluate the structure;
  • how well urls are indexed;
  • whether absolutely all landing pages exist on the website;
  • are technical issues taken into account;
  • how well the internal weight of hyperlinks is distributed.

Article content promotion of a new site< /b>

The increase in behavioral impacts is followed by a natural rise in the overall quality of the site.

Materials in the catalog, blog, characteristics and descriptions, images; all this media content is seen by the visitor who comes to your site. And the content must be essentially of high quality, interesting and useful, leaving the impression of a real presence in the hypermarket.

Working with content involves performing many tasks:

  • characterizing commercial parameters and finding the strengths of an online store or company;
  • Content usability test according to user needs;
  • formation of technical requirements for creating selling articles;
  • indicating attributes and adding informative blocks;
  • checking the visibility of important texts for search engines.

Text content is still very important. That is why during SEO promotion he is given maximum control.


Various technical disadvantages can always negatively affect the results of promotion. Specialists are engaged in technical and internal optimization. It consists of the following:

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