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Important search ranking factors in SEO promotion of a web resource

What exactly affects the successful promotion of a web resource to a profitable position? There are many factors.

Website structure and navigation

Search robots have learned to evaluate a person’s behavior on the site and understand whether he likes the site or not. These are the so-called behavioral factors that currently have a very strong influence on the ranking of a website.

When working on navigation and structure, optimizers rely on the following points:

  • how convenient and clear site navigation is;
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  • whether it is easy for robots to evaluate the structure;
  • to what extent urls are indexed effectively;
  • whether all the target sections are on the site;
  • are there any technical nuances;
  • to what extent the internal hyperlink weight.

Article content of the site

In order to improve behavioral factors, a natural rise in the overall level of the resource is needed.

Articles in the catalog, blog, characteristics and descriptions, photos; all of this content is seen by the visitor who comes to your website. And the content should ultimately be of high quality, popular and necessary, creating a feeling of a realistic presence in the hypermarket.

Working with content involves performing a lot of tasks:

  • assessment of commercial opportunities and search for the powerful aspects of an online store or company;
  • content usability test according to user needs;
  • formation of technical specifications for the creation of selling texts;
  • indicating attributes and adding informative blocks;
  • checking the visibility of significant articles for search engines.

Text content is still very important. In this regard, during SEO promotion, it receives maximum attention.


Various technical disadvantages can negatively affect the results of promotion. Professionals are engaged in technical and internal optimization. It consists of the following:

  • the procedure for checking the desktop and mobile versions for compliance with the requirements of search engines;
  • detailed audit with the search for all errors;
  • checking the security of the site and guaranteeing the protection of user information.

Monitoring the state of a web resource is required constantly, as well as current trends in the field of search engine optimization.


It is about building a link profile using reliable thematic platforms. Employees look for high-quality trust donor sites and place hyperlinks on them that lead to the client’s site. Also used are social networks, various forums. The process of external optimization is done carefully so as not to cause sanctions on the site from search engines.

What the phases of SEO site promotion look like

Studying the niche of the client and the target audience (TA)

First of all, you need to check the environment and see how the main competitors are doing promotion. It is also necessary to understand the preferences and needs of the target audience, since a website is being formed for it.

For the sake of all this, a complete analysis is done. Employees note successful methods of promoting competitors, produce a general description of the target audience and make a portrait of a potential client indicating its detailed features.

Analysis of the site and competition

From the very beginning From the beginning, the website should be checked for the absence of critical errors that can ruin all subsequent stages of promotion. During the audit, you can find ranking limitations, indexing problems, evaluate the visibility of the site in the search engine results and study technical indications in detail.

Key analysis

On At this stage of promotion, work begins with the semantics that characterize the service or product of the client. This is one of the most important stages, since the withdrawal of an online resource to the top for the necessary search queries directly depends on it.

Working with semantics looks something like this:

  1. Defining keywords that specifically capture all search demand in the niche of the site being promoted.

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    2. Collecting search queries containing given keywords and their synonyms.
    3. Checking keyword competition.

    During the selection, informational and commercial search queries are taken into account, which will help in drawing up a future promotion strategy. And for a more successful and convenient process, our masters use a variety of tools and services.

    Cluster analysis of key queries

    Another significant step in working with the semantic core. It involves the segmentation of phrases based on the final search results. The essence of clustering is to combine keywords into whole categories with subsequent placement on landing pages.

    Optimizers usually use 2 methods of clustering in practice:

    1. Soft. Only one key is taken as the base, and the remaining similar phrases are compared with it in terms of the number of common urls in the top ten search results. If the number of these common urls is above this threshold, the search query is added to one cluster.
    2. Hard. Keywords are formed into one cluster only in the situation if the search results for almost all the studied keys have the same URLs.

    After the work is completed, our client receives a ready-made list of key queries divided into clusters, each of which will be located on a specific page of the site.

    Formation of the site structure

    This is an important part of the site, affecting its usability and promotion results in general. During the formation of the structure, specialists use the clusters obtained at the previous stage.

    Internal seo optimization

    All tasks within this stage are aimed at improving the organic visibility of the site. Specialists capitally improve the Internet resource and content content, taking into account the requirements of Internet search engines and real people.

    In the process of working with internal optimization, close attention is paid to a considerable number of tasks:

    Technical optimization . Specialists set up system files, work on the sitemap, check for indexing, set up redirects, language versions, eliminate page duplicates and do more.

    Optimization of articles. Optimizers make up those. task for writing texts using previously developed keys. At the same stage, they additionally fill in meta tags, set up internal reforging of pages, optimize images.

    Working out commercial moments. We are talking about all sorts of site details, such as a callback and an order form, product cards, a section with information about the company and contacts, and much more that influences the decision to purchase.

    Wholesale Imaging search engines is a very complex process. And one of the difficult stages is precisely the study of internal factors. But the better and better this stage is performed, the more great results will be achieved.

    Dealing with commercial factors

    SEO promotion of the site is the most time-consuming stage of work, which is carried out on an ongoing basis. A website must meet absolutely all the rules of search engines – be in demand, very fast, convenient for visitors.

    External optimization

    Contains work with the reference mass of the resource. Studio employees are engaged in the selection of thematic platforms that will link to your site. This will allow you to get a natural increase in attendance from external channels. Internet search engines positively evaluate the presence of such backlinks.

    Analysis of behavioral impacts

    In the course of SEO promotion, you need to analyze these parameters in detail, such as the timing user on the site, the number of web pages viewed, bounce rates, and more. The better the metrics, the more high-quality the Internet resource seems to be for search engines.

    In order to increase behavioral factors, experts come to these steps:

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