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How unladylike! Wigs and heels go flying in transvestite brawl over who has the best body

How unladylike! Wigs and heels go flying in transvestite brawl over who has the best body

A vicious catfight between a group of transvestites was caught on tape at a California taco restaurant.

The bust-up happened after the shemales got into an argument over whose bodies were better, according to witnesses.

Once the fight began, tables and chairs went flying along with wigs, high heels and false eyelashes ,while customers look on in horror and bemusement.

One transvestite attempts to hold the other two back, as wigs go flying and customers look on bemused

One of the transvestites in a white dress repeatedly kicks out at a rival on the floor and another holds off two assailants in dresses by the hair before all three fall over in a heap.

Sid Young, who saw the fight, said it was like the octagon – the name given to the ring in Ultimate Fighting Championship matches.

A wig lies on the taco shop floor as one transvestite staggers to her feet after the brawl

The fight allegedly started over an argument about who had the best body

Young added: ‘All the dudes were in their stocking caps.It was funny.

‘They were arguing over who had the better body and it was just a lot of shouting going on.

‘There was about ten of them and it was just nuts. ‘

The video was later posted on YouTube and has attracted hundreds of hits.

Police arrived at La Fuente restaurant in the San Diego suburb of Hillcrest and broke up the brawl, but no arrests were made.

According to witnesses, wigs, shoes, hair and tables went flying

Police arrived and broke up the fight but no arrests were made

Since then more fights have broken out in the restaurant, but none between the angry transvestites, and the police have said they will be increasing their patrols in the area.

It is not the only taco bar fight drawing interest on the Internet.

Another fracas in Eastvale, California, has also become a hit on YouTube.

In the brutal 45-second clip, one youth is seen punched to the floor and kicked in the head while four others pitch in and start brawling to the horror of staff and other clients at the Tacos Del Rio eatery.

No arrests have been made in that case either, but police insist they are still looking for those involved.

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