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Stephanie Everett, ONR’s TechSolutions Program Supervisor

TechSolutions accepts recommendations and strategies from Navy and Marine Corps personnel working at the ground stage on ways to improve mission effectiveness by the application of expertise. It is solely targeted on delivering wanted expertise and shifting the sea services toward simpler and environment friendly use of personnel. TechSolutions makes use of fast prototyping of technologies to satisfy particular requirements.

It must be a heady experience, sitting around a convention desk with the president and all of his most influential political advisers. Outdoors of Nixon’s surreptitious tape recordings, we don’t have transcripts of what goes on during Cabinet meetings. Do they go around in a circle, politely taking turns to share their opinions? Or is it a free-for-all? Do tempers flare up, voices rise and insults fly? We’ll most likely by no means know. A humorous detail from this video on WhiteHouse.gov — the Cabinet members must surrender their Blackberrys throughout the meeting. They write their names on Put up-it notes, stick the notes to the back of their telephones and drop them in a wicker basket before the enter the Cabinet Room. Simply the most entertaining picture from the video is that basket and удостоверение по электробезопасности обучение the Publish-it on the top of the pile studying “HOLDER” with two underlines. I suppose the Attorney Basic desires his phone back.

Within the face of recent know-how requirements, native 9-1-1 methods are undergoing some big adjustments. Some counties are beginning to switch 9-1-1 info by way of safe Intranet as an alternative of relying only on phone lines. The digitization of information is the next step in 9-1-1 communications and can seemingly require a complete reformatting of the 9-1-1 infrastructure. This move would enhance collaboration between emergency companies by permitting for consistent information sharing and higher general accessibility. Within the far future, it could permit for the transfer of multimedia recordsdata, like a caller’s cell-telephone video clip of the emergency she’s reporting, on to the decision-taker’s pc display.

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