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In the market for a top quality, daily handbag: what are your tips OR preferred Brand name reps bags??

A little background: I am a SAHM and I would not say I was much of a bag lover BUT a number of points have modified my mind on getting a good, substantial, investment-worthy bag:


1 )I have actually been doing some on the internet marketing (primarily females’s style)

for the previous few months

and also it has actually

opened my eyes to gorgeous and superb top quality pieces that last years.

( 2 )my beloved and also dedicated Fossil natural leather crossbody of 15 years has finally bitten the dust:-LRB- Please no judging my bag brand name choice, it was a dear present when I was a teen hahaha.

I am looking right here for some tips! Even though I’m a mama, trusted yupoo sellers 2022 I do not actually lug a lot so not really searching for fashionreps.ru reddit a large bag. Would certainly desire it preferably in natural leather. And something that would certainly make a decent everyday bag that can endure the years.

I am open to luxury/designer bags, yet would definitely get

them on the 2nd hand market. I ‘d be curious to know if it is worth the cash to get a vintage, which branded bag is worth buying well-liked designer bag.

Not sure if I would certainly be paying moreso for the statement than the functionality if I would certainly wind up needing to be delicate with it. Or maybe it would certainly provide me the flexibility to have some abandon because it remains in imperfect form already?

Clearly I require some assistance.

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