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Watch Out: What Mazda Replacement Keys Is Taking Over And What Can We Do About It

Mazda 3 Key Fob Replacement

There are occasions when an Mazda 3 owner might need to change the battery in their key fob. This is a straightforward task that you can complete yourself.

To replace the battery, press the small button located on the back of the key fob. Press it and then take off the cover.

Lost Keys

Before the 1990s lost car keys was an annoyance that was not a major inconvenience. You could replace them at any hardware store, locksmith store, or dealer, and it was fairly cheap to do so. Today, your car’s advanced key fob can do more than simply lock and start your car, and Mazda 3 Key Fob Replacement that added convenience comes at a price that is more expensive replacements.

The key fob contains security chips that transmit an individual code to the computer in the car that allows it to unlock and start it. The key fob is also able to be used to control other features, like the windows being rolled down in hot parking areas and requesting that the car come to you, allowing you to reverse it into tight spaces (a feature that is available on certain Genesis GV60 sedans and Hyundai Sonata sedans).

Fortunately, Mazda’s remote fobs aren’t as expensive from other automakers. If you have the right knowledge you can replace the battery of your key fob yourself. To do this, you’ll need the smallest flathead screwdriver a new CR2025 battery, and your key fob. Use the red and directions buttons to lock or unlock your doors before changing the batteries.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, find a Mazda 3 keyfob online that is OEM. It doesn’t need programming by an authorized locksmith or dealer. eBay offers a variety of options, however, they might not be the exact color of your current key fob.


A driver who is locked out of their vehicle is among the most unpleasant situations that can occur. There are some tricks that drivers can use to get into their vehicle. The first step is calling their local locksmith or Mazda dealership. This is a good option because it will probably be cheaper than calling a tow truck and it will be faster as well. The dealer or locksmith will require a key code from the database to cut you a new key fob, which usually costs around $100. It is essential to keep this code safe.

Another thing that drivers can do if they are stuck outside of their car is to check the underneath of the key fob in search of an additional button. There is usually small, round button that can be placed and held. This will unlock the doors of the vehicle and allow the driver to open them by hand.

The emergency override function is another method to gain access to a locked car. This allows you to use your key fob to bypass any functions that were suspended by the theft deterrent system. This will activate the warning lights and sound to verify that the doors, lids of the fuel filler or liftgate have been shut.

Transponder Chips

If your key fob contains a transponder chip built into the head of the metal L-shaped key, then you’ll need to visit a locksmith or a dealer to replace it. These chips have a unique identification number that enables your car’s engine to start the engine.

The antenna ring releases a burst of radio frequency energy when you insert your key in the metal and switch it on. The energy reaches the chip transponder inside the key. The chip then responds with a code that’s transmitted to the antenna ring telling the car that it’s an authentic key.

The majority of Mazdas are equipped with transponder chips equipped with a rolling code that changes every time you turn it. This means that your key will not function with your vehicle until you have a second copy that has the exact same code in the ignition.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to make your own replacement keys. If you can locate a key that works and fits into your Mazda. Then, turn the ignition ON. If the key is able to start your car, you can then copy the information to the other working key. You could also try the eraser function on your key fob to erase the current code, if needed. It’s important to keep in mind that this method isn’t 100% guaranteed to work, since some transponder chips from recycled systems may not respond correctly.


Losing your car keys can be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, Mazda has made it easy to add the third key. This can be done in a few easy steps, and you won’t need to pay a dealer for this service. If you have a spare car key this is the best way to avoid having to pay for towing and dealer fees.

First, you’ll need to purchase a new battery for the key fob. One can be purchased at an online retailer or hardware store for around $10. You’ll also require an flathead screwdriver to unlock the fob. The screwdriver’s head must fit into small slots on the back of your fob. After removing the case, replace the battery that was in it.

Now is the time to program the new key fob to your vehicle. Insert the first key that is working into the ignition and turn it on. It should be on for about five seconds then switch off the ignition. Repeat the process with a different working key, and then your new (or spare) key. Once you’ve completed the procedure and your Mazda should now be able started with the newly programmed keys. If not, there may be another problem with the key fob or the vehicle.

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