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Why You Should Be Working On This Top Cybersecurity Firms

Top Cybersecurity Firms

top cyber security companies cybersecurity firms provide many different services. They offer vulnerability assessments as well as cyber security companies near me risk management and penetration testing. They also assist organizations in meeting the requirements of compliance.

HackerOne is a company that fixes software vulnerabilities that has clients such as GM, AT&T and Nintendo. HackerOne also provides a dashboard that helps assess risk and prioritize threats.


Microsoft offers a variety of cybersecurity solutions that safeguard the systems and data. Its tools can be used by both small and large companies, and have specialized tools for detecting malware as well as identifying security threats. They also offer comprehensive threat response services.

The company offers a security solution that is managed and is fully integrated with cloud and on-premises solutions. Its products include a security for networks solution as well as an endpoint protection suite. Its software helps organizations secure their data from hackers, and provides customer support around all hours of the day.

Darktrace uses artificial intelligence to identify cyber threats. It was founded by mathematicians as well as experts from the government in 2013. Its technologies have been used by some of the largest companies in the world. Its platform is designed to reduce cyber-related risks through SDLC integration, risk intelligence and vulnerability context. The tools it provides make it simple for developers to write secure code in a short time.


MicroStrategy offers analytics software for enterprises in the United States and Europe, as well as Middle East, Africa and Asia. The platform lets users create visualizations and customize apps. Analytics can also be integrated directly into workflows. The system is compatible with a range of platforms and devices including desktops, web, mobile tablets, and mobile.

Microstrategy features an intuitive dashboard that includes powerful tools, as well as real-time alerts. Its user interface is customizable, allowing users to see data that is customized to their needs. It also offers a wide variety of visualization options such as maps and graphs.

Its consolidated platform for managing deployments of analytics lets users access their data in a secure manner. It offers controls on the group, platform and user levels, each controlled by a control panel. It also incorporates Usher technology which provides multi-factor authenticating and allows enterprises to control who has access to their data. The platform lets businesses develop customized web portals that provide real-time analytics, and automate the distribution of customized reports.


Biscom provides fax solutions for secure file transfer, synchronization and translation of files, as well as cyber security consulting. Biscom’s proprietary technologies, such as eFax Enterprise and Verosync, help some of the biggest healthcare companies keep their documents secure, information sharing compliant and employees to collaborate.

BeyondTrust (Phoenix). The risk management system of the company can detect and address internal and external threats to data breaches and provide insights into the risks, costs, and reputation damage. Its PowerBroker privileged account management solution and Retina vulnerability management solutions enable companies to manage access privileges and ensure best practices. Using its AuthControl Sentry platform, companies can customize authentication requirements for their users. The company’s endpoint solution also gives IT professionals the ability to remotely monitor and control devices. It also has self-healing and scalable capabilities to ensure security continuity in the event of a security breach. The company offers analytics that can identify irregularities and anticipate breaches.


BlueCat creates DNS, DHCP, and IPAM solutions to build and manage the complex network infrastructure of companies. These enterprise DDI solutions consolidate server endpoints and normalize data to facilitate digital transformation initiatives such as hybrid cloud and rapid app development.

The BDDS software allows DNS automation and orchestration, which eliminates manual DDI tasks. It provides transparency across the entire network structure, and supports integrations with security and management solutions.

With a DNS sinkhole, BlueCat helps prevent data leakage by supplying a false domain name to the attacker. It also assists cybersecurity teams detect lateral movements and determine the patient zero in an attack, reducing the time to remediate the security breach.

Martin is the Chief Product Officer at BlueCat. He is responsible for the BlueCat product portfolio and the vision. Martin has more than two decades of experience in the security, networking and technology sectors.


Ivanti is an array of tools that aid IT locate, repair and secure every device at work. It also helps improve IT service management, enhance visibility through data intelligence and increase productivity. Its solutions include IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, IT Proactive Operations, and Endpoint Security.

Ivanti Neurons ITSM can be installed on premises, in the cloud or in a combination of both. Its modular design provides flexibility for your organization’s growth and scalability. All customers have access to the Advantage Learning platform. This includes product forums as well as a knowledge base. They also get a P1 Response SLA of one hour and a named support manager to handle the escalations. The company offers premium support for your business growth and stability. Ivanti has an amazing environment and is a pleasant workplace. However, since the new CEO was in charge of the company, he’s removed the best talent that contributed to the creation of this amazing company.

Meditology Services

Meditology Services provides information risk management, cybersecurity, privacy and regulatory compliance services exclusively for healthcare organizations. The firm’s cybersecurity risk assessments penetration testing, risk assessments and cloud security services assist organizations avert threats and satisfy privacy conformity requirements.

The company also hosts CyberPHIx Webinars on data protection strategies for healthcare companies who handle patient health information or personal information. These programs present expert opinions on HIPAA compliance, OCR compliance strategies, vendor risk management, and much more.

Silverfort’s adaptive platform for authentication enables healthcare organizations to add multi-factor authentication to all systems. It secures information by not having to install software on end-user devices or servers. The company provides a managed detection service that helps identify and defend against cyberattacks. Silverfort’s service provides a 24/7 security operations center, as well as an intelligence team for threats.


Osirium is a UK-based cybersecurity software provider that offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. The solution of the company protects against targeted cyberattacks that access accounts with privileged privileges, which exposes critical IT Infrastructures. Its solution covers account security, privilege task automation, and behavioral analytics. Its software lets users create a low-code automation platform for business and IT processes that require expert administration.

The PAM platform from the company allows businesses to protect their devices, data, and cloud infrastructure. It helps users decrease the risk of insider threats, pass compliance audits and increase productivity. The customers of the company include large financial institutions and intelligence agencies as and critical infrastructure companies. The company provides services to customers around the world. Its product is available as an appliance virtualized or a SaaS solution with an integrated high-availability server. The company is located in Reading (England). The company was established in 2008 and is privately held.


Ostendio offers an integrated security, risk and compliance management platform for risk management, compliance and security. Its software gives an overview of the security program for ncs.symflow.com a company, and leverages behavioral analytics to drive employee and vendor engagement. It automates data collection to speed up audit preparation, reporting and other processes. Investors include Cowboy Ventures Leaders Fund, and SV Angel.

MyVCM is a cost-effective, simple and easy-to-use platform that allows clients to assess the risks, develop and manage critical policy and procedure, empower employees by providing security awareness training and ensure compliance with industry standards. It also provides a comprehensive dashboard to help you identify and prioritize threats.

MyVCM Trust Network allows digital health companies to securely exchange information about risk with their vendors. This lets them monitor vendor activity in real time and reduce the chance of data breaches involving vendors. It also makes it simple to prove compliance.


ThreatMetrix is utilized by the world’s most prestigious digital businesses to find customers who have returned and stop fraudsters from engaging in crimes. This is done by identifying high-risk behaviors in real-time, using a dynamic shared Intelligence layer powered by crowdsourced data that is provided by the ThreatMetrix Network of Digital Identity.

The company provides services such as device identification, fraud scoring real-time monitoring of transactions, a unified image of the trusted activities of customers, and behavioral analytics. It also provides a scalable platform to prevent fraud that combines identity authentication, trust and decision-making.

Insurers can use this solution to verify policy applications, reduce fraud, and stop ghost broker activity. Its integration with internal ID systems enables insurers to simplify the process of underwriting. Support is available via email and telephone 24/7. A Cloud Support Engineer comes with the support fee, and a Technical Client Manager is available at an additional fee.


TraceSecurity provides cybersecurity services that assist organizations in reducing cyber-risks as well as demonstrate compliance. Its solutions include software and professional services to manage security programs for information as well as third-party validation and testing.

In 2004, the company was founded. TraceSecurity is located in Baton Rouge, LA. Its clients include banks and credit unions. Its products include IT audits and solutions such as penetration testing, ransomware protection, and compliance management.

The CEO of the company is Jason Wells, whose employees rate him in the Bottom 15 percent for Compensation and in the Top 35 percent for Perks And Benefits on Comparably. The overall score for culture at the company is F, based on employee feedback. TraceSecurity offers an average salary of $466,687 per job. This is below the average of cybersecurity firms. It is nevertheless much higher than the average wage in Baton Rouge.

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