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X Rocker High Sleeper

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This multi-purpose x-rocker high sleeper cabin bed sleeper has plenty of space for gaming and PC hardware. The lower shelf can be used to house keyboards and monitors, while the upper shelves are perfect for collecting and files.

X Rocker Cosmos RGB

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The worlds first RGB Gaming Bed – With X Rocker’s unique Neo Motion LED lighting technology you can enjoy up to 30 distinct colours and effects with the ability to create your own unique lighting colour combinations. Bed frame that can be used with the UK standard single 3ft mattress (not included).

Gaming Desk and Bed Combination – Designed with the eSports gamer in mind, this stylish and durable gaming bed features a single bed tucked up top, and loads of space beneath to accommodate a keyboard, monitor and a decent-sized gaming chair. There’s even a huge storage compartment for files, collectables and bedroom accessories.

Enjoy your games, movies and 74.caiwik.com music with the integrated 2.0 wired audio system and headrest-mounted speakers that connect to most devices for a simple installation. The comfortable rocking design makes it simple to recline into for long gaming sessions.

X Rocker Battle Den

The X Rocker Battle Den gaming bunk bed/desk is aimed at younger players. The black design has twin-high cabin bed sleeper platforms on top and a huge mattress for maximum comfort. Underneath is a sturdy desk that can be used for various monitor configurations as well as keyboards as well as an adequate-sized gaming chair. The enclosed area for the den has a TV mounting that can accommodate any standard 32″ TV, so kids can enjoy a relaxing time and watch the most recent E-Sports. With upper shelves for collectibles and files and a large storage space for collectibles, the X Rocker Battle Den is fully equipped to meet your gaming requirements.

X Rocker Icarus XL

Created to be comfortable and ergonomic during intense gaming sessions in the spirit of eSports gaming. The finished product features a carbon fibre effect desktop for added aesthetic points. The desk space lets users to easily charge your monitors and keyboards. It also allows you to store files, collectibles and other things on the bottom shelf.

Perfect for teens and kids, and an ideal accessory to any bedroom for gamers. Complete your gaming set-up with an X Rocker gaming chair for the ultimate setup.

The gaming table that is built-in and has an alcove edge provides the ultimate PC gaming table with one monitor up to 32″. It can be assembled either on the left or right sides of the high sleeper cabin bed-sleeper bed frame. The single childrens high sleeper-sleeper bed offers an elevated and comfortable sleeping platform to ensure a good night’s sleep (mattress is not included). The bed is constructed of a sturdy metal frame. Includes under bed storage. Easy to clean. Made in the UK

X Rocker Battle Bunk

The Battle Bunk will transform your bedroom into a game zone. The versatile desk bed has a platform for sleeping high sleeper with wardrobe above and a gaming desk underneath with an upper shelf for collecting or storage. The gaming desk is large enough to accommodate multiple monitors, a chair with a decent height and plenty of accessories.

The top bunk is able to accommodate three feet of single mattress in the UK (not included). This bed has a fixed ladder on the right, metal mesh panels on the top bunk and solid bed slats that provide support. The desk area can accommodate a television or computer monitor up to 40″ wide.

If you’re worried about sibling rivalry The Battle Bunk comes with a console gamer mount on one side and a gaming chair on the other side so that they can create their own personal gaming area. The Battle Bunk comes with a TV mount, so your kids can watch their favourite shows and movies. It also has an adjustable side table that folds down to snack on snacks. This is the perfect solution to get your kids into gaming. It’s got plenty of storage space and a flexible gaming desk.

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