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How Important Is Your Health Care Deductible?

Although many people will argue that insurance is expensive, it is still much cheaper than receiving the health care you need.

We will be there to help you understand it all. I write to many colleagues each and every week and one thing is certain. the insurance professionals will be the ones to be sure that the regular people know what health care reforms will effect the people we get an audience with. As professional representatives and agents of insurance, we will be the ones making sure our clients know what is available and how to make it happen. If we work with companies and their benefits, we will be the ones those human resource professionals and business owners will be turning to for answers. Will you be prepared? Start now and do a little every day to stay “up-to-date” with the agents down the street. It will help you be “the go to” person for information about health care reform.

I was brought up believing that Life does not have a value because it is precious. It is impossible to assign a dollar value to life. Some years ago, something changed and we now put a dollar value on our health, and not our lives. As the Medical Entities decide which costs we will cover, the financial stability of our clients and clients decreases. I don’t think anything will change except when Medical costs exceed what can be paid. The demand for health care will increase, driving up costs unless a cap can be established.

We do not give aspirin in alternative health care. Sometimes, a headache can be caused by fatigue. So, we tell him to rest. If he has fever, this may be a result of something that he has eaten. We tell him to drink lots and lots of water to get rid off any food he eats.

We’re hearing terms like “rationed health care”, “socialized medicine”, “universal insurance” and the “value of human life”. It’s not surprising that this topic has sparked so much debate.

The same goes for health insurance. It is not Health Care. This is what many people don?t understand. Your health insurance does NOT cover your medical doctor. However, your doctor buy adderall online is part your health care. Both are separate but they can go hand-in-hand.

Health care reform will change even more. You might be wrong if you thought this bill was it. I would be shocked to learn of any other problems that could arise in our political administration. I just don’t see this group of “changers” lasting much past one term in office. Health care will be the first thing to be changed or adjusted. No matter who takes control, the bill we are currently concerned with and the bill which would take until 2014 for it to fully make itself known will change so dramatically that we won’t really know anything until it’s all over.

HIPAA Authorization: A HIPAA authorization is an essential document that should accompany your Health Care Directive. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This document authorizes your loved ones to receive information about your treatment status. You may want to inform your adult children if you are an elderly parent.

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